Since our beginning in 2016, Grace City Church has existed as a portable church meeting in various locations.  Being portable has served us and our mission well in this initial season. But, our church leadership believes that Jesus is leading us to begin pursuing the purchase of a permanent location.

We envision purchasing a building located along the 5 freeway between our current location and the Irvine Spectrum Center. We imagine a building with the capacity for a 300 seat auditorium, ample space for kids ministry, and enough room to eventually support a preschool.  We also desire a building that is visible, affordable, expandable, and accessible.

We believe a permanent location will:

  • Enable us to raise up a generation of young disciples who passionately follow Jesus with all their hearts
  • Expand our ministry: ESL outreach, serving the hungry, and a place to train marketplace leaders to become marketplace missionaries
  • Provide a physical hub to plant new churches
  • Communicate to our city that we are here to stay
  • Secure our church’s long-term future


1. 100% Engagement: Our first goal is to have everyone who calls Grace City home fully engaged in the campaign. We believe that each person has a vital role to play, and we don’t want anyone to miss out on this exciting season of growth and transformation. We encourage you to decide from the outset to be all in and join us on this journey.

2. $1 Million: Our second goal is to achieve the boldest display of generosity in our church’s history. Through sacrificial giving and the divine favor of God, we’re believing for a $1 million response over the next two years. This significant investment will enable us to pursue a permanent home and reach more One’s for Jesus.


What does “For The One” mean?

In Scripture, Jesus told a compelling story about how God lovingly pursues people who are far from him. In Luke 15:4, he said,

“What man of you, having a hundred sheep, if he has lost one of them, does not leave the ninety-nine in the open country, and go after the One that is lost, until he finds it? And when he has found it, he lays it on his shoulders, rejoicing. And when he comes home, he calls together his friends and his neighbors, saying to them, ‘Rejoice with me, for I have found my sheep that was lost.’ Just so, I tell you, there will be more joy in heaven over one sinner who repents than over ninety-nine righteous persons who need no repentance.”

Our church began because 4 families from North Carolina were willing to leave family and familiarity to obey Jesus and go after the One. The Kimbrells, the Dillards, the Paynes, and the Kwiatkowski’s all took huge steps of faith and sacrifice so that others could hear the Good News of Jesus.

Over these past 6 years, making disciples has been our focus. And as a result, we have seen all types of One’s find life in Jesus including college students, single moms, atheists, a muslim, our children, CEO’s, and first generation immigrants.

For The One is a 2-year generosity campaign for the purpose of purchasing a permanent home for Grace City Church.

Is it practical to think that a church our size can give $1 million in 2 years?

In short. Yes. On average, churches tend to generate 2-3 times their annual giving throughout a 2-year generosity campaign. If we are faithful to walk through this journey together and give sacrificially, the goal amount is well within our reach.  Plus, we serve a God who has the ability to do well beyond all that we ask or think. He is not limited by our abilities. But, he often asks us to go first by taking steps of faith. And then he responds by doing what only he can do.

What if we don’t raise the needed amount?

First, we believe in the power of God’s provision and his timing.  We believe that God could provide us with more than the amount and in a shorter time. However, in the case that the full amount is not available through this campaign, we would still be much closer to our goal of securing a building than we are today.

Do we have a building in mind already?

We do not have a specific building in mind at this time. More than likely, if a building were available today, it would not still be on the market at the time we are ready to purchase. However, we do have an area in mind.  We envision purchasing a building located along the 5 freeway between our current location and the Irvine Spectrum Center.  We imagine a building with the capacity for a 300 seat auditorium, ample space for kids ministry, and enough room to eventually support a preschool.  Currently, we are targeting a building between 8,000 and 10,000 square feet.  We also desire a building that is visible, affordable, expandable, and accessible.

What do we estimate the total price being for the building and why are we not trying to raise the full amount?

Based on the current market, we are projecting a price that lands between $4.5 – $5.5 million.  If our campaign generates more than $1 million, those additional funds would be used toward the building as well.  Our plan is to combine the $1 million with responsible financing to purchase the building. $1 million would give our church instant equity in the building while simultaneously lowering our monthly payment.

What specifically do you need me to do?

First, we ask you to pray, “God, what part do You want me to play?  What do You want to do through me?”  We are trusting the Holy Spirit to do a work in us that no one else could do.  Second, we ask that you position yourself to be available and willing to do what God asks you to do and commit to sacrificial generosity over the next two years.  Thirdly, we ask you to fill out the commitment card on May 21st in obedience to how God leads you!  While you may have to wrestle with the challenge God puts in your heart, or rearrange your priorities, or maybe even stretch (Like the Macedonians in 2 Corinthians) you should feel no stress, manipulation, or coercion. God will lead you further than you’ve ever gone if you will trust Him.

If I commit to this campaign, how will this affect my normal giving and offerings?

Giving towards our For the One campaign is considered as a special gift or pledge that is above and beyond your regular tithes and offerings. Therefore, your regular giving should not be affected by your participation in this campaign. Tithes and offerings are a biblical principle that is separate from any fundraising campaign, and they are intended to be a consistent and ongoing expression of your faith and commitment to your local church. Tithes and offerings support our day-to-day operations, our ministries, and our outreach efforts. Our For the One Campaign is a focused fundraising effort to purchase a home for Grace City. While it’s important to prayerfully consider participating in any giving campaign, it’s equally important to continue giving your regular tithes and offerings to support the ongoing work of the church.

Is my commitment a one-time gift or monthly installments?

After you have taken the preparation steps of faith and prayer and arrived at a dollar amount God wants you to invest in the next 2 years, the committed amount can be fulfilled in the way that works best for you.  On June 4th we will receive our first “Big Give” towards the For the One campaign. We encourage you to make the biggest faith-filled gift you can make that day, then fulfill the rest of your faith commitment over the next two years.

What if I cannot fulfill my commitment?

In churches across the nation, statistics show that 94% of all people who make a commitment like this are able to, and actually do, fulfill the commitment. Why is that? Simply put, the God who leads people into sacrificial generosity “supplies the sower with a return.” However, this is not a binding contract. It is a faith commitment, so no shame or pressure will come from our office or leaders.  Remember, as said, God is the one who provides seed for the sower, and your commitment vow is ultimately between you and Him.

Can I give in other ways besides cash? Stocks, assets, land, etc?

Absolutely.  If you have questions about other forms of giving, please contact our finance team at info@gracecityirvine.com.


Prayerfully consider your sacrificial 24-Month Commitment, asking God to show you what He would have you give above and beyond your normal tithe and offering.

Please fill out your 2 year commitment below and begin giving to FOR THE ONE.

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