Who will be starting the new church?

The Dillard Family.

Where will the new church be started?

The new church will be “birthed” in Chula Vista, CA. Chula Vista is a city of 270,000 people located south of San Diego.

What prompted the decision to give birth to a new church?

  • 1. Our original vision: We have always desired to birth multiple churches out of Grace City Church. We believe that the city of Irvine is strategically positioned and resourced to act as a missional launching pad.
  • 2. Our value of multiplication: One of our core values is “A Culture of Multiplication.” We believe that the Great Commission (Matthew 28:18-20) compels us to make disciples that make disciples and birth churches that birth churches.
  • 3. The calling of the Dillard Family: Although we have always planned on birthing a church, we did not always know who the leaders would be. However, in the summer of 2019, the Dillard family began sensing a strong calling to birth a new disciple making church in the city of Chula Vista, CA. Since that time, the leaders of Grace City have affirmed that calling and stand in full support of this endeavor.
  • 4.New churches expand the kingdom: In short, new churches expand the Kingdom of Jesus by becoming centers for making disciples that make disciples. For a more in-depth answer, check out this article.

What is the timeline?

As we talk about starting this new church in terms of giving birth, we think it will be helpful for you to view the process in trimesters.

First Trimester: Now – December 31, 2020

  • During this trimester, everything continues almost as normal. Pastor Amos will continue in his full-time role as Family Pastor at Grace City. Behind the scenes, he will be making a couple of short trips to North Carolina and Tennessee for church planting training.

Second Trimester: January 1, 2021 – June, 2021

  • It’s during this trimester that we “begin to show.” You will notice increased communication and vision-casting for the new church.
  • Pastor Amos will transition into a 50/50 role at this point. He will be dividing his time between serving at Grace City Church and preparing for the new church. He and his family will continue to live in Irvine, but their travel schedule will increase during this period to include more training and fundraising.
  • Also, it our our goal, that a new Kids ministry director be in place at this time.

Third Trimester: June, 2021 – Spring, 2022

  • This is when the real excitement begins! The Dillard Family will officially move to Chula Vista to begin onsite work of birthing the new church.
  • Grace City Church will support the “Church Planting Team” in Chula Vista through financial support, prayer, and multiple mission trips to Chula Vista.

Birth!!!: Spring, 2022

  • The culmination of these 3 trimesters will be the birth of a new disciple making church in the city of Chula Vista, CA.

Who will oversee GC Family Ministry?

We are starting the process of searching for someone to fill those roles. Our primary focus will be on the Kid’s and GC Buddies Ministry first. Our plan is to have the right person in place by January 1.

Will our Family Ministries change?

Ultimately, there is only one Pastor Amos. So, yes, the leadership and personality overseeing those ministries will change. However, our commitment to “Equip and support the home to make disciples that make disciples” will not.

Will this new church be another Grace City?

No. It will be similar in nature and have the same goal of making disciples that make disciples. However, the church in Chula Vista will be a self-governing autonomous church. Our vision is to maintain an ongoing supportive relationship with the new church long after its birth.

Our reasons for not planting another Grace City Church in Chula Vista are as

  • 1. The legal and financial implications of a second campus are too complicated and cumbersome for a church of our age and size to take on.
  • 2. More than we want to expand the franchise of Grace City, we want to expand the kingdom of God.

Is there additional support for this church plant besides Grace City?

Yes, the new church plant in San Diego will have a strong network of support. Or, in keeping with our birth language. . .it will have many “nannies.” Here is list of supporting agencies and mission boards below:

1. North American Ministries: Salary and startup funding from individual donors and churches as well as training.

2. We Start Churches: Startup funding and Coaching.

3. Stadia: State of the art step-by-step church planting training.

4. Peace Church, NC: Funding a Residency Program Training.

5. California State Mission board: Funding and encouragement.

There is a Grace City Church in San Diego. Is that church related to us?

No. The church started about the same time as ours and just happens to have the same name. But, there is no affiliation.

How can I help?

We’re so glad you asked! There are 3 very specific ways you can help:

1. Pray: It takes an act of God (literally) to start a new church. Please be praying now that obstacles will be removed and God will begin working in the hearts of people in Chula Vista.

2. Give financially: Birthing a new church takes a lot of finances. Thousands of people across the country have given sacrificially to make Grace City Church a reality. Now, it’s our turn to give and support the Dillard Family as they make disciples in Chula Vista. If you would like to start supporting the Dillards Monthly, you may click here to sign up.

3. Join the team: Church planting is a team sport. We are praying for individuals in our church to join the team and move with the Dillards to Chula Vista to birth this new church.

I have family or a friend in the San Diego area. How can I connect them to this new church plant?

At this time, you can connect them directly with Pastor Amos at In the future, there will be a new website and Facebook page for the new church.